Right to Food campaign: The beginnings

In 1999, 3 people, on an impluse, decided to drive around Rajasthan. The Landmark Right To Food Act of 2013 was the result. Who were these people?

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Bihar Breakthrough

Nitish Kumar's top cops chose just one crime to prosecute to restore law and order in Bihar. What crime was it?

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The SBI Transformation Story

Between 2006 and 2010, the SBI's transformation as the market leader. A Matt Daemon movie was the catalyst. Guess which one?

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Oxford India Short Introductions: Public Policy in India

Our Book on Public Policy is now an Amazon Bestseller.

Sunay Policy Advisory

Sunay Policy Advisory Pvt. Ltd. is a public policy research firm engaged in consulting, training, and customised policy support to legislators. Our clients include central and regional governments, legislators, multilateral organisations, corporates, embassies, and non-profit organisations. Our projects span many sectors ranging from development issues, healthcare, education, skill development to agriculture, strategy and financial regulations.

As thought leaders in public policy research, we add value for our clients by combining academic and methodological rigour with a deep knowledge of the complexities of the environment in which governments function. This enables us to design innovative, implementable and sustainable programs and strategies for our clients that are rooted in sound principles.

We provide customised products and services that enable legislators to perform their roles more effectively in the legislature and the constituency keeping in mind the constraints and challenges under which legislators perform their responsibilities.


Recent Books

PPP in Infrastructure: Managing the Challenges

Rajesh Chakrabarti and Kumar V. Pratap

November 2017

Short Introduction to Public Policy in India

Rajesh Chakrabarti and Kaushiki Sanyal

Oxford University Press
November 2016

Shaping Policy in India: Alliance, Advocacy, Activism

Rajesh Chakrabarti and Kaushiki Sanyal

Oxford University Press New Delhi, 2017


Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) in India are currently under stress. A comprehensive treatment of the subject by a long-time and erudite practitioner and a management academic, this book should be useful to students trying to learn the basics, while also being valuable to professionals and policy makers. The book suggests that the Government should hold bidders accountable to their submitted bids, thereby preserving sanctity of contract. This will discourage aggressive bidding which has become a serious and endemic problem. The book also suggests the use of better bidding criteria to mitigate traffic risk in transport projects. Policy makers should pay heed to these suggestions as they consider improvements in the PPP policy regime going forward.


Arvind Subramanian, Former Chief Economic Adviser, India


An easy to read and accessible book that succinctly articulates a multi-disciplinary and distinctive field as public policy in India...I would recommend this book not just to a public policy enthusiast, but also to all citizens to help understand the nuances of citizen-government interaction and its relationship.


Baijayant 'Jay' Panda, Former Member of Parliament Lok Sabha for Public Policy in India (OISI)